Our customer will now be able to enjoy this area without looking at that old nasty concrete. Not only does it look better but it’s so much easier to maintain!

Flake color is ”Gravel”

Wrapped up this back patio area for our customer today. No more dirty concrete!

Flake color is “Dolphin”

We wrapped up this job for Double Hill Bar & Grill today! Love the color “Domino” on the floor, it really tied in well with everything they’ve done. Can’t wait for them to be able to open their doors again!

This 1400sqft building got a new floor and it looks amazing. We are also wrapping up a back patio and carport area tomorrow!

Flake color is “Camel”

What a job this was! Turned out amazing!

Flake color is “Outback”

We were given another great opportunity by our customer to transform two separate areas at their home into something beautiful. These floors will be so much easier to maintain and continue to look great for years to come.

Flake color chosen is “Camel”

Such a bittersweet day coming in and getting the rest of our equipment/materials from this site and cleaning up the last few areas. This job was just under 14,000sqft total between the upstairs and downstairs and it was all done in a custom flake color that we created for our customer. Very thankful we were able to work with such great people throughout this process from the contractors to the members of the church. Excited to see this building completely done so they can come back home. Thank you Bayou Blue Assembly of God for the opportunity to get this job completed for y’all.

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